Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Like most moms out there, I try to make our snacktime healthy and delicious and full of nutritious ingredients that are going to satisfy and sustain my kiddos, not just amp them up and fill them full of sugar and then send them off to conquer and destroy everything in sight.

And being that I’m from Arizona and being that this Summer the hot hot hell weather that we experience got up to 117 degrees and furthermore being that we have 3 children age 10 and under and at the time had 3 daycare children also in our humble abode—being all that, we go through a lot of popsicles around here.

Sometimes, nothing else is going to quite do the trick like a nice frozen treat and more often than not, when we reach for a popsicle, it’s one of those sugary flavored ones with the cartoon characters on them—you know the ones, they come like 300 to a box for $4?

A great alternative to this, I’ve found, is making my own Crystal Light popsicles.  (And yes I realize that Crystal Light actually has a line of popsicles available for purchase, but in a pinch, this works)  I can make my own flavors from the variety of Crystal Light I have on hand, freeze them up, and within a few hours, voila, sugar-free popsicles that taste much much better than those cartoony doohickeys.

This is actually my preferred way to consume the Lemonade variety.  Have you tried this?

Day two of the Water Challenge was definitely harder yesterday, for all the reasons I previously mentioned.  I was away from home from 9 – 3 and drank approximately 5 ounces while I was out.  I did take water to class (everyone had water bottles I happily noticed) but I was concerned that if I drank too much, I’d have that all-too-predictable effect of needing to run to the restroom every 20 minutes.  Definitely a place I’ve been visiting more since starting this challenge I admit!  But since my lab went approximately 3 hours, I didn’t want to risk it. 

So, the rest of the day I was pushing myself to drink up.  I did achieve my goal of 8 glasses and I even walked on the treadmill again because I was bored.  (Hubby was away working on shift at the Incubus concert)  Today should be easier because for the most part I will be home. 

Did you hit your goal yesterday?

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Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

I drink a TON of water. Then again, I'm home all day and it's very easy. I down 32 ounces during my workout alone. I'll have to try freezing the Crystal Light - thanks for the tip! :)