Thursday, August 27, 2009


So...I'm like an eternal dieter. Seriously.

I'm constantly worrying about fat, calories, sugar, carbs, or something. And I love fad diets. I'll be the first one to admit this horribly unhealthy truth about myself--a new pill? Sign me up. Nothing but cabbage soup for a week? I'm on board. Counting points? Counting carbs? Nothing but grapefruit? Cookies? Lemonade? Shakes in a can? Yes, yes, and yes. I'll try it. Anything to try something different.

One thing that has never changed is that I don't drink my calories.

And that's why one of my favorite drinks is a combination of cranberry apple Crystal Light and a 2 liter of diet lemon-lime soda in a large fancy glass punch bowl, served with a few lemon slices and sipped through a straw from a pretty glass. This is always great for holiday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, backyard BBQs, whatever. Tart, sweet (without the calories!), bubbly, refreshing, and delicious!

What combinations have you tried?

Yesterday's Day 3 of the challenge was a little bit hard. I was in and out all day, but I took my water with me. Still, by 6:00 at night, I was only half-way through my 8 glasses. Why is it so hard to consume water all day? I felt like I was constantly drinking from my bottles, but I guess I was only sipping all day, and that got me nowhere fast.

And, I hate to say it, but I'm getting a bit tired of water. That's where those 2 replacement Crystal Light glasses count and become quite the life savers.

What about you? Do you get tired of drinking water all day? Are you a sipper or a pounder? I can't really pound down the water unless it's room temperature. I'll be in class, away from home again for 6 hours during the day. I hope to do a bit better than Tuesday, yet I hate to have to leave class due to the Call of Nature.

Wish me luck.


Liz said...

I am a sipper usually unless it's hot then I pound I keep something on my desk all the time.

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

Your punch sounds good - I'll have to try that sometime. I chug water and I always drink it at room temperature. I love water, but I drink a lot of iced tea. I sweeten it with Stevia, but I know it's not as good as water.

Christine #2 said...

A cruncher...I have about 6 16oz cups of ice just at work. It's free and it's cold.

Dahlene said...

Room temperature water?? Bleh! I drink ice cold water all day and love it. The more ice the better. I love to suck on the ice at the bottom of the cup too. Add a lemon or a lime. That's always tasty and makes it look delicious!

Lorie said...

I agree with the room temp trick. In the morning, drink a glass room temp. Just like you would take medicine. Just DO IT! Do the same thing before lunch and at dinner/before you go to bed.

I can down an entire bottle of watter in no time and it is two servings of water.

Then you can sip cold water though out the day like normal.