Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Linden Street room MAKEOVER!!

I'm brand new to BlogHer and within a couple of weeks of signing up, I was contacted and given this great opportunity from BlogHer and JCPenney to spend a $500 gift card on Linden Street Products at the JCPenney Homestore. I stared at my email screen in a slightly stunned stuper (a little alliteration for ya there) and responded back with "My first assignment is shopping? really? Sign me up!"

Totally excited, I started by checking out the JCPenney online store. The Linden Street products have a really great Old World feel to them; and since I am Old (I'm twenty-thirteen) and I live in the World, I thought, this is perfect for me! I got an idea of what might work out best in my bedroom and decided to actually use these products to make my whole room over. Score. This just gets better and better.

So after a bit of store-hopping (not all of them carried everything I wanted and not all of them were crazy about some chick videotaping their merchandise) I finally found the Golden Store in Goodyear, AZ. Let me tell you, it was perfect. The Linden Street line was in great supply and set up so beautifully with matching and coordinating accessories and products clustered together. I tried out the bedding (literally--oh so cozy!) and decided on the Crewel Stitch king size comforter set. I added the pecan colored 300 thread count egyptian cotton sheets and some Crewel Stitch curtain panels to match. It was hard to narrow down the choices in accessories because there were so many great ones, but I finally decided on the hurricane candle holder, the bronze candle holder, and a candle to match. I had the hardest time deciding on lighting--there were two floor lamps I really wanted, but in the end, I chose the birdcage floor lamp and am really happy with my choice. The lighting fixture swivels so that it can point down like a reading light, or point up light a street light.

Armed with my choices I carefully maneuvered my products up to the front register to use my $500 gift card. The sales associate was very friendly and amused by the video camera; she told me that since I'd bought so many things on sale that day, I'd saved well over $300! Rock on! I couldn't wait to get this stuff home.

I used some of my own money to buy paint and supplies, new pillows, and some other little accessories to go with these awesome Linden Street products. The painting and furniture moving (and breaking) took around a week and then along with my awesome videographer/interior decorater/friend Christy, we went to work making some magic. With the room painted and some clutter cleaned out, things started to look better immediately. The final product is stunning. The bedding set is absolutely gorgeous and let me tell you, two words: com-fy! I love how it's so plush and thick, truly comforting. The sheets are fabulous and I just love how with the new pillows, the shams are full and gorgeous. Seriously, my bed looks just like the model in the JC Penney Homestore! Christy helped me make some great accessories and transformed my room from drab and boring to fabulous and sophisticated! The lamp is awesome--it's something that every visitor has immediately pointed out when I showed off my new room. The curtains are much more effective and beautiful that what I had before, and the candle holders look great in my redesigned book case.

A few other changes I made included spray painting some pieces to match, rearranging myscrapbook area, putting up a great collage of knick knacks and picture frames on the wall (these will get filled soon!) and otherwise just making the room flow.

Lovin' it!!

If I had to pick one negative about this whole experience or about the Linden Street line, I'd have to admit that it's a bit pricey. If I wanted to add to my room, I'd have to save up and buy things piece by piece, but that's totally doable.

I'm so thankful for this chance to make over my room and review some great new products. Thanks again to BlogHer and JC Penney for sponsoring this, and to Christy for all her help, time, products, and creative brain power!

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Before, during, and after photos: