Friday, July 9, 2010

hey...those are mine! *contest closed*

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Ritz.

So this summer is my first summer NOT doing home daycare or working in some form or another since...umm...since I was 16 maybe? Being that I have 3 active boys and I am in fact a student myself, the school year was busy and hectic and went a mile a minute. So I was so looking forward to this summer of just me and my boys. (and their dad) PS: I loved my daycare kids, but there's something about just having my very own kiddos and being on our very own schedule!

Lets start by saying I'm in the car easily 4-5 times a day. I take them to the weekly summer movies at the local theatre, I'm at the library 3+ days a week dropping off and picking up movies and books, I schlep 'em out to the water park 2+ days a week, I drive them to and from cubscout meetings, and sit on the sidelines during basketball. I'm at the grocery store, the bank, the gas station, etc etc etc! We are on the run constantly! When I do have a minute or two free, my favorite thing to do is take a breath, grab a snack, and read a book.

Running around town or hiding in my corner hanging out with the latest author, snacks on the go are a must. Ritz Crackerfuls filled crackers are portable and so easy to grab in a pinch. The 6 grams of whole grain in each serving make this a filling and healthier alternative to all the sugar snacks that seem to sneak their way into my cupboards.

These snacks get snuck OUT of my cupboards just as quickly!

To enter the $100 Visa gift card giveaway, tell me what you do when you have a few moments all to yourself. Do you hop online? Take a nap? Work on a hobby? Watch TV? Knit? Play the trombone? Garden? Tell me in the comments.

The contest runs July 9th-July 31st and there are sixteen other chances to win! Please check out the other bloggers' pages and contests here. Official rules can be read here. Read about Ritz Crackerfuls, and save $1.00 on Ritz Crackerfuls filled crackers by clicking here for your coupon.