Monday, February 16, 2009

winner(s) revealed!

Reading these 170 entries has really been quite entertaining for me this past week! I've learned from reading all your good-ideas-gone-wrong, that it's never a good idea to highlight your own hair, definitely stay away from home perms, and never try to wax your eyebrows yourself ever ever ever!

The random number generator spit out lucky #13 (you know I love 13s, having both my wedding and birthday on the 13ths!) and that is April!

Blogger April said... disaster has nothing to do with color, but it does have everything to do with hair! I do not share this with most people (until now) because it still brings back memories I would truly like to forget. goes it! I wanted extensions...enough said...just kidding. My friend was a hairdresser and she had the extensions. These were the kind with wax on the ends, you just melt them into your hair with a sort of straightening iron thingy. Anyway, We got done with all the extensions. She said there were some areas that needed to be filled in and she would get more hair. Ok, first of all, my hair is not naturally straight but frizzy. This hair was straight as straight can be. Second of all, it hurt like all get up! Third, I LOOKED LIKE I HAD A MULLET! I remember my husband coming home from work, taking one good look at me and he looked liked he was going to die if he didn't laugh. So, I didn't want to hurt my friend's feelings because it took so long to do, and I really wasn't sure how to get these things out of my hair, so I left them in for a week. One week of pure h...!. It hurt so bad to sleep. Finally, I gave in (my friend still never had the rest of the extensions) and my husband (bless his heart) helped me get them out. He took my hair dryer and a fine toothed comb and heated my hair until the wax was warm enough to comb out. It really was the worst hair experience of my life! Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) I did not get any pictures to prove that I really did have a mullet.

February 9, 2009 2:43 PM

This really was one of my favorite stories, so I'm glad April won!

My favorite was Dahlene's story, which she linked from her blog about homemade explosives. Because I liked hers so much, I'm going to give her a 2nd prize on my own, a $10 gift card to the restaurant of her choice!

Congrats April and Dahlene! And thanks for participating everybody!


Dahlene said...

I can't believe I won! How exciting. I didn't read them all, but my favorite next to my own, of course, was the girl who cooked a fish with the guts in. That was hilarious! Yay! Thanks Ami. You really don't have to send me a $10 gift card though. You are such a sweetie.

AzKisses73 said...

Congrats Ladies...

Anonymous said...

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